What do you hope to get out of your time?

I know what I want out of mine.

My Story

Throughout my career as an attorney, I loved the coaching and counseling side of my job. I loved working directly with my clients, helping them solve problems creatively, coaching them through challenging situations or even helping them understand all of the different ways they could approach what might seem like a difficult conversation with a team member or colleague.

I decided to take off my lawyer hat and put on my coaching and consulting hat so that I could focus solely on building relationships to help clients prevent the problems I once helped them solve as an attorney: becoming better and more strategic business leaders, building better company cultures, and leading more fulfilling lives one day at a time.

My Background

The youngest of 4 girls born into a traditional Italian-American family, my dad nicknamed me “Clyde” and taught me to fish and play golf. After seemingly endless summers on the golf course with my dad, I received my college degree and landed my first job as an Assistant Golf Professional after graduation. Seeking more fulfillment, I returned to school to follow my other dream – becoming a lawyer, which led me to serve as Associate General Counsel for Global HR & Litigation at The Hershey Company. And, yes – endless supplies of chocolate were a perk!

Throughout my time as an attorney, I spent countless hours conducting training programs and presentations for clients on all aspects of the law. Over the years, compliance-based training programs shifted to programs with practical approaches for how to be the best leader you can be while understanding what the law requires of you as a leader. Leadership is about choices, not being told what to do by an attorney or an HR professional. They are supposed to help guide you, help you to see all of your options so you can make the most informed choice possible. At the end of the day, though, leaders own the decisions, and they are accountable for the decisions they make. It is when leaders truly understand this principle that we understand who the great leaders really are.