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Lead better.
Work together.

Be the company or organization where everyone loves to work and no one wants to leave.

The Executive Coach

Need an outsider’s perspective for your company? Thinking about hiring a leadership training coach? Maybe you’d like an unbiased assessment of your executive & CEO team to determine what’s working well and what needs improvement? Let me virtually train, coach, and mentor your company for long-term success.

The Consultant

If you’d like to get a message across to your team in a fun and powerful way, I can help! When delivering Frientorship® programs, I focus on building connectivity among your team, whether they’re working virtually or in person, by harnessing their essential skills of emotional intelligence, communication, and problem-solving.

The Facilitator

With expertise in facilitating diverse group meetings, I specialize in executive team off-sites and problem-solving sessions, fostering open communication among participants. My focus extends to strategizing business opportunities and delivering impactful workshops and speaking events, driven by a passion for bringing people together and driving collaborative solutions.

The Coach & Consultant

Working together, we can assess current situations and find the root of the problem in order to not just solve it but help prevent it in the future. While doing so, we also help make sure you don’t lose sight of what is working really well so you can continue to harness that greatness as you continue to grow and evolve as a team or organization. Services Include:

  • Coaching (Individual or Pod Coaching)
  • Independent investigations
  • Internal assessments

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The Speaker & Trainer

Together as a group, we examine the foundations of friendship to build great workplace relationships that drive collaboration, innovation, and productivity. We bring you a methodology to establish great mentorships. And we put your leaders on a predictable path of accountability to establish a legacy tied to your company’s values and mission.

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